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Another fabulous, tongue-in-cheek article from the folks over at ‘Onsted – Pointing out all that’s absurd about British education’

Private school lends helping hand to poor neighbours

In the wake of suggestions from the head of ONSTED that private schools should do more to help their state-funded counterparts, the elite St Hilda’s School for Girls in North London has launched an exciting new initiative to raise attainment among poor children in Hackney.

Lemony Copeland, head St Hilda’s, has come up with a ‘teacher loan’ initiative, which will see outstanding members of St Hilda’s teaching staff spending time in local sink schools, delivering lessons and mentoring staff.

21-year-old Durham graduate and rugby ace Tom Price has been teaching at St Hilda’s for two terms and, as an outstanding teacher, has become the first to go on-loan to a local comprehensive.

Tom, who arrived at Choice Farm Academy in full body armour on Monday, says that his lessons are going fantastically well. ‘I love these kids,’ said Price. ‘They’re great. This week they’re writing independent reports on gender politics in Shakespeare. They asked me if they could use the internet for their research, and I was like, ‘hey, why not?’ I guess the reports are coming on really well because I haven’t heard a peep out of them all week. Except on Tuesday that is, when Declan put his hand up to ask how you spell bukaki.’

‘We’re confident that the kids will make rapid progress with Tom,’ said Ken Kennington, head of Choice Farm. ‘Obviously, the teachers at private schools are extremely talented. How else do you explain their pupils’ success?’

Excellent teachers: the secret of their success.

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