Suggestions from Ofsted on improving governance

Ofsted produced an excellent report at the end of last year. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) commissioned Improving Governance to investigate the challenges facing governing bodies in schools.

Key Findings include:

  • Many governors lack the expertise needed in an increasingly complex education system to hold school leaders to account.
  •  Governors need better access to highly skilled people who have the educational expertise to help them meet the increased demands of their role.
  •  Recruitment and retention of governors is a serious challenge, particularly in some of the poorest areas of the country
  • Clarity about lines of accountability, roles and responsibilities is an essential part of effective governance.
  • Weak governance, including in some of the poorest areas of the country, is at risk of going undetected until the school is inspected by Ofsted.
  • Paying the chairs of governing bodies can act as a means to achieving a professional and open relationship between governors and school leaders
  •  Governors from within the community make an essential contribution, particularly in areas of deprivation where there may be specific barriers to learning that need to be understood and tackled effectively and sensitively.

The report also includes action point suggestions.

Alongside this, governors may find the Competency Framework published in January 2017 useful


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