Praise for governors & trustees from the NAHT

This week, a senior director at the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), James Bowen, has written in the TES about the important role played by governors and trustees in schools.

Mr Bowen lamented the fact that “few ministerial speeches or announcements make reference to the important role governors are playing” and stated that, with the personal sacrifices, lack of recognition and absence of material reward, “it is easy to understand why schools don’t always find it particularly easy to fill their governing vacancies”.

However, Mr Bowen outlined that many governors and trustees went into governance because they cared and wanted to give something back to the local community. In terms of their contribution to the system, Mr Bowen focused on the role governing boards play in retaining links with the local community. He particularly emphasised the importance of local academy committees in MATs, especially when “the ultimate decision-makers can appear somewhat removed from the schools they oversee”.

Finally, Mr Bowen emphasised the importance of doing more to support those governing, including “improved access to high-quality training, especially for new governors” as well as “a greater emphasis on mentoring and support”.

Governors and trustees are reminded that the NGA provide training and consultancy services for governing boards as well as online training through our Learning Link platform. In addition, schools looking to recruit governors or trustees can sign up to Inspiring Governance to search for volunteers in their local area.


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