Why not nominate a governor for an award?

Did you know that you can nominate a governor for an award? Not just any award but a gong? In this post, Martin Matthews explains the processNominate a governor for an award

Biggest volunteer group

It’s really nice to write about the fantastic things governors do week in and week out. Governors are the largest single volunteer group nationally and according to research by the National Governance Association, we each contribute £40,000 equivalent to our community by being governors. We fulfil an unpaid education non-executive director role. We make financial decisions with multimillion pound budgets, performance manage the leaders of organisations with hundreds of people and run the tombola at the fete. Thank you to every governor for what you give to your community.

Governors don’t expect recognition; it’s not why we do what we do. That doesn’t mean exceptional service shouldn’t be honoured.


Recognising the work of governors

What worries me is that all forms of recognition for governance have diminished or quietly disappeared in the last few years. Many LA’s don’t have the funds to award long service recognition. There is no national award for individual governors.

There’s no Dickensian office where civil servants trawl lists of people to be considered. Like many aspects of governance if we don’t do it ourselves it doesn’t get done. I encourage anyone who knows a fantastic governor (most of us know someone) to consider nominating them.

Recognition through the UK honours system has always had an air of mystique. To dispel some myths; there is no closing date or deadline, you can’t nominate yourself and the assessment criteria are available to the public.  The Cabinet Office helpfully publishes all the criteria for anyone to read. Less helpfully how to maximise the chances of making a great nomination are scattered among many different government departments advice.


‘How to’ guide

With the support of other governance colleagues, I’ve written a “How to” guide to enable people to nominate others; download a copy here.

It really is so much easier than people imagine.

If you want to discuss this drop me an email ([email protected]) or find me on Twitter @mm684.


Who would be at the top of your list?

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