Slides from the Strategic Briefing – 24th May 2018

The second seasonal get together of governors & Headteachers took place at City Hall on 24th May. Although there were only 4 items on the agenda, time was against us as they were all key areas for the city.

Strategic briefing May '18

Here are the slides from 3 of them. Clicking the links will take you to a google doc where you can scroll through the slides.


Sue Rogers – Exceptional Leadership

This was Sue Rogers, Service Director’s update.


Jacqui Jensen – Strengthening Families: A proposal for system-wide transformation

Dr. Jacqui Jensen, Executive Director of Adults, Children & Families shared the proposal for supporting children & families.


Emilie Williams-Jones – SEND Funding – a new approach

This presentation from the principal manager for SEND & Inclusion services, Emilie Williams-Jones explores the present method of allocation of  High Needs Budget & put forward a possible new model.


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