How to make sure you are not kept in the dark when Ofsted call

How clear are you on the governor role when Ofsted call? Have some of you been excluded from meeting them? Have a read of the latest update.


governor role when Ofsted call

“It has been brought to our attention that some schools have not informed all of their governors/trustees about the inspection of their school, nor invited them to meet inspectors during the inspection.

Inspectors should make clear to the headteacher, at the start of the inspection, that all governors/trustees must be informed of the inspection and that arrangements should be made for inspectors to meet the chair of governors/chair of the board of trustees and as many governors/trustees as possible during the inspection, and that as many governors/trustees as possible should also be invited to attend the final feedback meeting.”

Ofsted has previously clarified that all those on the governing board should be informed of the provisional outcome, including those who are unable to attend the final feedback meeting.

The update also highlights some other issues which are relevant to governing boards:

  • the new Department for Education (DfE) guidance on safeguarding recommends that schools hold more than one emergency contact number for each pupil (above the legal minimum)
  • inspectors will ask secondary school leaders about what they are doing in response to the DfE’s ambition for the vast majority of pupils to study the EBacc
  • inspectors will consider the DfE’s recent guidance on gender separation in mixed schools
    that caution is required when considering the performance of groups of pupils (for example, by pupil characteristic), particularly small groups
  • Ofsted has no expectation about how primary schools should be carrying out assessment or recording pupils’ achievements and there is no requirement for numerical data to be used

There is lots of support for governing boards about Ofsted on NGA website.


Are you clear of the governor role when Ofsted call?

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