How will this toolkit help you to reduce workload?

‘Work Reduction Toolkit’ from the DfE – details (courtesy of NGA)

workload reduction toolkitDetails of the Work Reduction Toolkit

The Department for Education (DfE) in consultation with school leaders, teachers and other sector experts has designed a toolkit to help schools to address workload issues. In 2016 the DfE’s Teacher Workload Survey found that the vast majority (93%) of teachers think that teacher workload is a “fairly serious problem”. It found that the top three workload concerns are marking, planning and data. The new toolkit aims to “support schools in reducing workload and to address the drivers of excessive workload at a national level”. The toolkit is split into 3 stages, supporting schools leaders to:

  • identify the workload issues in their school(s) with the help of workload audit tools
  • address the key issues that can lead to excessive workloads in areas such as communication or data management
  • evaluate the impact of actions taken

The tools in each stage may also be used as stand-alone materials. Whilst use of the toolkit is optional, those governing may wish to ask their senior executive leader if they are aware of the tools available from the DfE to help manage staff workload.

How will you use this resource? Do you think it will help reduce the pressure on staff? Share your thoughts below

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