Get involved in local associations

Interesting article from Modern Governor about governors using local associations In this guest post as part of our series on Getting Involved, Andrew Walker explores why functions local governor associations can be part of, how this relates to any available support from local authorities and why the role of a governor association is crucial to governance in schools both local […]

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Constitution of MS governing bodies

Many thanks to Naureen Khalid for her summary of the changes to the statutory guidance to the constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools. She has laid out the changes to make it easier to understand. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14th August saw the publication of the statutory guidance relating to the constitution of governing bodies (GB’s) of maintained schools. As the guidance is statutory GB’s and local authorities MUST have […]

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Qualities of Effective School Leaders

Why are some school leaders more successful than others? The team over at Creative Education have some suggestions Why is it that some school leaders seem able to walk into almost any school and have a real, significant and lasting impact? There’s not just one reason, there are several – we’ve outlined them below. They have high expectations The best school leaders […]

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