The Local Authority

This is an interesting article from Mark McCourt about Local Authorities and how they are coping with budget and role changes. Where do you think Bristol sits? ‘There are around 150 Local Authorities in England, between them overseeing the work of approximately 28,000 schools. There is no set formula for how the authority should do this and the staffing structures, […]

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Exclude or not?

Many governors have children in their schools who are disruptive in class. The approach of many head teachers is to manage them as best they can. At times, governors become involved in the difficult decisions around exclusion. In her post ‘Never exclude?’ Modern Miss explores the case for the other children that may be effected. Have you had to exclude a […]

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Article – Estelle Morris

This blog does not support any particular view of politics or policy or news media. We will, however, share interesting articles for you to read and comment on. Many of you will remember Estelle Morris when she was Education Minister. [pageview url=”” height=”1000px” width=”800px” scrolling=”yes”]

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