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Just how diverse is your governing board really?

How diverse is your governing board? Does it reflect your local community or that of the country? Does it need improving? The NGA with Inspiring Governance has launched a campaign to support schools that want to look at their diversity. A campaign to increase the number of ethnic minority and young people governing Last year’s school governance survey told us that just 4% […]

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Do you really think governors should be paid?

Do you really think governors should be paid

In this article from ‘GovernorsAgenda‘, a question is posed about the voluntary nature of governance so do you really think governors should be paid?     The responsibilities and workload of school governors have grown unbelievably in the last few years.  No chair of governors worth her/his salt works for fewer than five hours a week.   Most chairs average at […]

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Are you a ‘supergovernor’?

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Yet another article stemming from the White Paper highlights the possibility of governors being paid.   Governors currently are all volunteers, often parents of past or current pupils, and may (or not) include people with relevant professional skills. This seems certain to change.   In its article ‘Lowering teaching costs and paid supergovernors…’  Kreston Reeves, a consultant company specialising in supporting […]

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