7 signs more able learners are being failed

more able pupils

Governors should know about the different vulnerable groups in their schools but are more able pupils one of them? In this article from Schools Improvement,  Hilary Lowe, Education Adviser for the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) highlights 7 signs it’s time to review your provision for this group. 1. Your more able policy is in demand among museums If your school […]

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Are you aware of the huge struggle some adopted children face?

adopted children

Adopted children face many struggles, some that schools may not be aware of.     A new report, Bridging the Gap, written by adoptionUK, explores the barriers to educational achievement which impact upon adopted and previously looked-after children. The report draws upon a survey of “more than 2,000 adoptive parents, and nearly 2,000 adopted young people, to explore how effectively their social […]

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