Have you seen the latest academies financial handbook?

A new academies financial handbook has been published. Many thanks to NGA for highlighting the changes. The 2018 Academies Financial Handbook (AFH) has now been published and will come into effect from September 2018. The new edition carries an executive summary from Lord Agnew noting a “particular tribute to the chairs and non-executives of academy trusts who do this vital work unpaid”. […]

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Just how diverse is your governing board really?

How diverse is your governing board? Does it reflect your local community or that of the country? Does it need improving? The NGA with Inspiring Governance has launched a campaign to support schools that want to look at their diversity. A campaign to increase the number of ethnic minority and young people governing Last year’s school governance survey told us that just 4% […]

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What are you doing about high pollution?

Some schools in London have been given funding to address the problems created by high pollution. How does Bristol compare?   Findings Some pupils in London are being taught in classrooms where air is so polluted it breaches World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, a study has found. In some cases, the report found that pollution levels inside the schools were […]

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