Useful links

Here is a list of some of the many links that governors may find useful. If you know of any, do let us have them to add.

School governors UK – an excellent closed Face Book group that provides wonderful support in all matters of governance

The Key – online resources

DfE  (Department for Education)

DfE Governance information pages

Contact the DfE with any queries – phone 0370 0002288

Ofsted – phone 0300 123 1231

Ofsted’s Schools and Inspection Update document (published three or four times a year) gives guidance to Inspectors on a range of topics.

Guidance for Ofsted Inspectors– how to find documents for the 2012 Ofsted framework.

Find a school’s Ofsted report

Find your School Profile (no longer a statutory requirement)

Archived Governornet Discussion Board (Now obsolete. All Governornet main content has been migrated to DfE)

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